Work Harder, Work Smarter, Love More

Instructors, will you kicks make the list by the time master Buckley gets back from his vacation???

7 april super foods

no shortcut – work harder, work smarter, love more


Warm Up:

5 minute warm up routine

400 M run

1 form from your belt full speed


The Fantastic Fifty…remember this one?

50 tuck jumps

50 heel hands on heavy bag

50 hardbow/broken bow lunges

50 back ups

50 hs squats with medicine ball throw

50 elbows twist on heavy bag

50 heel/wheel/thrust kicks (25 each leg)

50 v ups

50 bok fu burpees

50 jump rope jumps (consecutive – add 5 for every time you stop)

Warm Down:

5 minutes on foam roller for hips and quads

5 minutes ball torture for shoulders

(do this warm down or you will be sore tomorrow)