When We Come Together…We Can Do Anything

We hope you had a fantastic weekend celebrating easter, passover, or anything that let you spend time with family, friends, and loved ones!

This looks like an incredible movie on a topic that needs to be addressed!

Bullying is a huge national epidemic that seems to get worse every year. martial arts is a fantastic way to instill confidence and teach some of these key points in this article about facing bullying with confidence.


Warm Up:

Straight Leg kicks up mat

10 push ups

Broad Jumps down mat

10 horse stance squats

Bear Crawl up mat

10 scoprions

Duck walk down mat

10 tuck jumps

20 second on 10 seconds off – 4 times

V Ups

Broken Bow Jumps

Speed Punches


For time with a partner

Only 1 person works at a time – the other partner waits in a horse stance

100 Push Ups with hand release

100 Horse Stance Squat with medicine ball throw

100 Chicken Lunges

100 Sit Ups with cross punches

100 Hardbow/ Broken Bow Lunges

100 Tuck Jumps

Warm Down:

5 minutes partner stretching