Richard Lee’s East West Kung Fu Schools’ mission is to improve lives with the incredible benefits of Bok Fu Do training for all men, women and children. Since 1967, we have strived to instill traditional martial arts values of wisdom, courage, honesty and kindness to build a student that is of high moral character through traditional methods of the past mixed with a modern approach to training. Our goal is to create a way of life for each student by helping him or her to carry the concepts they learn in our schools into all aspects of their lives. Our aim is to produce students that are admired for not only their outstanding martial arts abilities, but more importantly for their leadership, character and spirit.

We are unique in that our professionals at the head of our organization have dedicated their lives to training and teaching our art of Bok Fu Do and have an unparalleled ability to effect a positive change in our students’ lives. They have grown through the system and in turn, passionately focus on helping our students reap the same benefits they have earned through years of training and teaching our art. Bok Fu Do is unlike any other physical endeavor in that it engages the mind, body and spirit as a whole to bring overall health and wellness for a lifetime. The practical self-defense movements taught through Bok Fu Do are more than just an incredible physical workout; they are fundamental life saving skills that are life changing. Bok Fu Do is undoubtedly a way of life.

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