What a fantastic weekend!

Leadership Training Weekend 2011 was a huge success! Thank you to all that participated and spent your weekend with the Bok-Fu-Do System. Each year this seminar gives us the opportunity to spend time together learning about Bok-Fu-Do, about life and about improving ourselves. We hope that there were lessons that you took from this weekend that you’ll be able to apply in all aspects of your life. There were many highlights of the weekend. What was your favorite part?

This day in bok fu do history: February 27th, the final day of leadership training 2011, was also the one year anniversary of Mr. Stuart moore’s black belt presentation (and his birthday yesterday as well). Happy birthday/black belt anniversary Mr. Moore!


Warm Up:

2 times:

50 Jump rope jumps

10 Inchworms

10 Straight leg kicks (each leg)

10 Advanced/ Reverse crescent straight leg kicks (each leg)

10 Pass through with staff

10 Samson Stretch with staff


4 Rounds for Time

10 Bok Fu Burpees

30 Push Ups

>40 Sit Ups with Cross Punches

50 Horse Stance Squats

Warm Down:

5 minutes of belt stretching for groin/hamstrings

5 minutes ball torture for shoulder