Leadership Weekend 2011!

Leadership training weekend 2011 is off to a fantastic start! I hope everyone that participated today enjoyed themselves as much as i did. as always, a big thank you to grand-master Lee and master Buckley for making this weekend possible for us all. and this year we are incredibly honored to have grand-master Huang, grand-master martin, master Judy Martin and master Michael Huang here with us. Tomorrow is going to be another fun filled day starting off with testing for rank. Good luck to all!

Here are some pictures from the weekend festivities so far. Friday night the black belts had a wonderful seminar with grand-master Huang where we were fortunate enough to learn the trisection staff. It was a great time for all and we have the bumps and bruises to prove it! And with the hundreds and hundreds of pictures Mr. Silverman took at leadership today, here are just a few.