You're the captain of your ship!

This excerpt is from a letter written by master Buckley to Dr. Panella on his road to his black belt. It was read in its entirety to the instructor class during their Wednesday night workout.

“The journey that leads to a Richard Lee black belt is without a doubt the road less traveled. It is a difficult path to navigate because it is a road map created through self discovery. When you begin your training you might think of the white belt as a blank sheet of paper, a clean slate that only you can fill in with the destination driving you willingly into the unknown and your teachers serving as your only compass. As you progress through the many belts in this great system of Bok-Fu-Do, your map is drawn out, filling in the details through experience and understanding. At times you feel lost and must retrace your steps in an effort to find your way again, having only your teacher to assure you that you are indeed headed in the right direction. Sometimes you wander in circles covering the same ground many times over only to discover the necessity and beauty of Repitition – the mother of learning.

Along the way uncertainty will grip your thoughts. Doubts will gather together and attempt to breach the wall of belief. God knows many a seasoned and talented individual has succumbed to these unseen enemies. but to become a Richard Lee black belt they must eventually be recognized as allies for usually it is only when great difficulty is encountered that we know there is something truly worthwhile at the other end. Take it one step at a time if you must, but meet your problems head on with a ” can do” attitude and your path will clear as surely as night turns to day. Think of your positive, Richard lee black belt mind set as you might a machete that cleaves away the heavy foliage blocking your way one cut at a time. It opens the way for you to follow and with each mighty swipe you make a little more progress.

Progress will instill you with confidence. And when progress seems slow or even non-existent, you just have to keep hacking away at the negative thoughts that creep into your mind. trust yourself at all times. Be relentless about it and some day you will wonder why you ever doubted.

The trick is to be consistent. It will yield you exponential results. Once you get going, keep going. momentum will gather and propel you forward, hence turning inches into feet, feet into yards and yards into miles. Confidence grows from progress and blossoms into self-belief. They feed off each other and build a rock solid core that is at the center of a Richard Lee black belt.

Sometimes the pressures will be great. It is then, more importantly than ever, that you remember these concepts. People will let you down sometimes but concepts never will. They are yours to apply if you can and I tell you that you must. It will only be realized when you go through the sometimes daily struggles that will demand not only your full attention, but your best enthusiasm. Energize your mind and your heart with these thoughts and I promise you your body will follow suit. Remember your mind must lead so that the body can follow. You are the captain of your ship. Whether you sail around the world or sink to the bottom of the ocean is really up to you.”


Warm Up:
10 pass through with staff
10 around the world with staff
10 inch worms
1 Minute Jump Rope
1 Minute Rear Kick Plank (alternate side half way through)
1 Minute Side Kick Plank (alternate side half way through)
1 Minute Horse Stance Squats
1 Minute Wheel Kick Balance (alternate side half way through)

5 Rounds for time
7 Clapping Push ups (or explosive push ups)
14 Punches on heavy bag (7 each arm)
21 Sit Ups with Cross Punches

Warm Down:
partner samson stretch for shoulders/quads
5 minutes belt stretching for hamstrings