Think Like A True Black Belt Master!

A little dose of Bok Fu philosophy for your Thursday! This is from “think like a true black belt master”. Enjoy!

“It is my hope that studying with me will facilitate your journey on this heroic black belt warrior path. I know it will help you create great black belt passion in your movement and develop an extraordinary total black belt skill level within you. Remember mind-body-spirit. I hope it will also help you to redefine in a more enlightened and masterly way your athletic and human abilities. This path has the potential to take you to new levels of black belt understanding, enlightenment, and achievement. Your study with me can and will become a way to practice the positive black belt holistic attitudes of the true Bok-Fu master. Since the way in which you meet challenges in Bok-Fu is also how I have found you usually approach challenges in everyday life. In order to become a master you must learn to transfer these principles from Bok-Fu to the rest of your life as well. In fact, you could use the reverse approach and practice these principles first in your work and relationships and then apply them to the art. being a great black belt means simply that you cannot revert to moving life a brown belt. Becoming a master is simply acting like a master. you cannot be a master in the school and then go home and beat your children. That is not what a master does.

As a black belt you know that Bok-Fu is for all people, young and old, who seek effective ways to attain levels of extraordinary performance in all that they do – work, play and sport. My black belts should accomplish their daily routines with a refreshing view of life and a respect for the people and other black belts around them. Do this and you will find that many closed doors will open for the black belt who knows this true master path.

To me Bok-Fu training provides a sense of yielding to forces in nature, a much-needed balance to the incredible demands placed on each of us in the school and our everyday lives. Being in a black belt master frame of mind is an ideal way of just being in the world. train yourself to worry about things you have control over and let go of what you do not. It is in living an enlightened black belt lifestyle, people, that you are aligned with a universal way, the true master’s path of black belt enlightenment.

As one of my black belts it is very important to train and to continue to read your notes regularly to gain insights that are essential for you to become a Richard Lee black belt master. Becoming a master in this system will not be a gift, it will be earned. to the master life is a constant vigil. If you purchase state-of-the-art tools and then leave them in the garage, nothing will get built. use these tools now people and think like a black belt master. Remember that the mind leads and the body follows. The master knows that in nature, change takes time. These changes in your life will be gradual and small at first. to the black belt, however, the payoff of vigilance, training, and practice will be a life of fulfillment, quiet balance, and black belt success hopefully in all arenas of life and endeavors. Persist on this journey, people, and black belt enlightenment and wisdom will be yours.”

Bok Fu Fitness

warm up:
2 times:
50 single jump rope jumps
25 double unders
1 form in your belt all out
10 pass through with staff
10 samson stretch
5 techniques in your belt all out
amrap 12 minutes
1 wall walk (start flat on stomach and walk feet up wall until chest touches, walk back down
3 handstand push ups (or clapping push ups as substitute)
5 bok fu burpees
7 push up planks
9 v ups
warm down:
5 minute ball torture everywhere