Mental Training is the key!

We are less than 2 weeks away from the nationals! As we get closer and closer, the most important part of your training is your mind. The physical part is the easy part; the more difficult task is preparing yourself mentally and emotionally. Whether you are a seasoned competitor or it’s your first tournament ever, there will be many emotions you experience as the tournament date draws near. In order to help everyone prepare, we’ll be posting bok fu philosophy in every post until the tournament. Read the words carefully and take them to heart because they have been used by a long line of champions that have come before you!

“There will be thoughts of failure along the way but failure is only a state of mind. You fail only when you fail to learn. A Richard lee black belt knows that failure is just another step in the long staircase to success. They understand it as necessary and even inevitable when the journey promises great reward. The greater glory can only be realized through great struggle. If you don’t have to try that hard then don’t expect to receive much in return. Anything worth doing will have a heavy price to pay. If there wasn’t, everybody would be doing it.

Becoming a Richard lee black belt world champion demands excellence of mind, body and spirit of the highest order. Its price will be one of sacrifice and hard work. Frustration will attempt to discourage you. Adversity will try to stop you. Negative thoughts will tempt you and hardships will do their best to inconvenience you. But the Richard lee black belt understands the emotions at work inside them. With understanding comes control and with control comes the ability to direct. Frustration can now be understood as the awakening of your chi and encourages rather than discourages. Adversity is conquered by hope. Negative thoughts are turned into positive ones and hardship becomes an ally in the building of character.

You just have to keep going. never give up, never quit. The Richard lee black belt knows that perseverance is the great equalizer in the journey towards great accomplishment. It keeps them moving towards their destination though there may be winding roads and uphill climbs. They know that while the path may be elusive and obscured by peaks and valleys, they keep their vision on the stars above as their points of light that will guide them through the darkness. Optimism is born out of knowing that even on the darkest night the stars will shine their brightest. It is simply Richard lee black belt positive thinking.”

Here’s some press on the 2011 usksf international championships and international referee training!


Warm Up:

2 times:

2 minutes of jogging in place, after every 20 seconds do a 10 second sprint

50 jump rope jumps (5 push ups for every time you stop)

50 alternating leg jump rope jumps

10 Around the world (with staff)

10 Pass through (with staff) (bring staff in front of body and then behind keeping arms as close together as possible)

10 Horse Stance Squat Jumps


AMRAP 12 minutes:

10 Mountain Climbers

8 Push Ups

6 V Ups

4 Bok Fu Burpess

2 Techniques from belt all out

Warm Down:

5 minutes belt stretching for hamstrings/groin

5 minutes ball torture for shoulders