If Only…

“If” and “only” are two simply words that have very different meaning if used separately or together. If Only

Here’s your next dose of bok fu philosophy. Lei tai fighters, read this one carefully!

“You have the proper mindset. It is the winning mindset of a Richard lee black belt. Your goal is clear. Your path leads you towards the storm that waits but you realize that you have long since learned to live in the storm. more than that, you realize you are the storm. And still there is more. Your opponent will seem to realize it too. You will sense at once that your opponent is uneasy. They will try to stay strong, but their own self belief pales to your own. Their confidence will be reduced to self doubt. Self doubt invites anxiety. Anxiety brings fear and fear enhances the self doubt. It is a vicious cycle, one your opponent cannot possibly escape. They are gripped by the storm, caught in a blizzard of chi and assailed relentlessly by the raging fury it calls forth. You realize with stunning clarity that nothing in the world can stop you and you don’t want to stop. It is a glorious feeling, one that fills your movement with beauty and grace and explosion of speed and force that your opponent cannot catch up to. There is a timing and rhythm of body that can only be achieved through total unity with mind and spirit. It is magical and you are the wielder of magic. Every time your opponent leaves an opening you fill it effortlessly. Your hands and feet weave their magic in a furious dance that leaves your opponent breathless and distraught. You feel their chi slipping away. Their breathing is ragged; their posture is one of defeat. They will be overwhelmed and have long lost their will to win. Your opponent’s movements will be frantic in an effort just to survive. But you are not fighting to survive, you are fighting to win and win you will.

Remember that when you do your daily meditation. Realize it when you step into the ring. Regardless of who your opponent is they will not be able to match the belief system you have developed inside yourself. It is the core of who you are and it is what makes you a winner already. Believe it. Absolutely without a shadow of a doubt believe it and your opponent will too. The game will be over before it ever starts. They will put up a strong front, but it will be only a facade of truth built to hide the insecurity and fear that will ultimately be exposed by the confidence you project that is inspired by the true belief that you deserve to win.”


Warm Up:

2 times:

10 Push Up Planks

10 Roll Back

10 Shooters

10 Ninja Pistols (each leg)

10 Pass through with staff


3 Rounds for total reps

1:30 Push Ups

30 second rest

1:30 Chicken Lunges

30 second rest

1:30 Double Unders (or single jump and tuck jump)

30 second rest

Warm Down:

5 minutes on foam roller or lacrosse ball