Make It Count!

Lei tai season has begun! here is a short clip from some of our fighters training on Tuesday night. We have a great group training to try out for the USA team at the nationals in Baltimore this July! Be ready to see a lot of headgear, gloves, heavy bag hitting, sparring and sweating over the next few months!

Whatever the “it” is for you, make that thing count!

If you’re a fish eater like i am, this article was a little concerning. There were a number of fish on this list that i eat regularly! 12 fish you should never eat


Warm Up:

2 times:

10 pass through with staff

Samson stretch up mat

Inchworms down mat

Drop stance/ hardbow/ crane stance up mat

Broad jumps down mat

50 Mountain climbers


4 Rounds for time

100 ft Bear Crawls (2 times up and down the mat) (bear crawl is walking on 2 hands and 2 feet)

25 Sit Ups with Cross Punches

20 Chicken Lunges (10 each leg)

15 Push Ups with Hand Release

10 Tuck Jumps

Warm Down:

5 minutes ball torture – any area of your body that is tight