Keep the acts of kindness coming!

Today I made a holiday basket (pictured below) for an elderly neighbor. She lives alone, walks her dog every morning by the house, and is always happy to talk to anyone around. I filled the basket with holiday goodies for her and her dog, brought it over to her house this morning, and spent some time talking to her about her holidays traditions. She gave me the biggest hug as I was leaving and I could see that it genuinely made her happy!

Another inspiring video for our random act! I am so excited about all of the wonderful things that you have all been doing in the last 2 days. You have been making many people very happy! Keep up the amazing work and keep posting!

Here is a wonderful act of kindness by Mrs. Duong! she spent over 6 hours putting together this video of all the pictures she took from the holiday party for underprivileged kids. Fantastic video!