If a pre-school kid can do it, so can you!

I had a different act of kindness in mind today, but an opportunity presented itself that i wasn’t going to let pass. I was filling up my car at the gas station this morning and a woman with young twin boys pulled up next to me. He kids were both throwing huge tantrums and she was obviously flustered. As she was fumbling with her wallet in one hand, keys in the other, and desperately trying to get her kids under control, I asked her if i could pump her gas for her. The look of relief on her face was priceless. After i was finished, she had calmed her kids down, and thanked me about 10 times for helping her. I told her to bring her boys into east west for a free lesson when they were old enough and wished her a Merry Christmas! 

Here are some end of the year pictures from our Alamo, Lafayette and San Ramon trainee classes as well as our junior dragon elite class.

Here are some more ideas for your 4th day of kindness!