East West's Gift Wrapping Elves

Kung fu amusement park! sounds like an interesting idea…


Warm Up:

400 M Run (or 100 Mountain Climbers)

Inchworms up mat

Straight leg kicks down mat

Advanced/reverse straight leg kicks up mat

Broad Jumps down mat

Bear Crawl up mat

Drop stance/hardow/crane down mat


5 Rounds – AMPRAP 3 minutes each

1 minute rest between rounds

3 Bok Fu Burpees

6 V Ups

9 Horse Stance Squats

Notes: Continue with your round after the 1 minute rest. As an example if you do 4 rounds plus 3 BF Burpees in the first 3 minutes, rest for 1 minute, then start back with 6 V Ups and 9 HS Squats of round 5.

Warm Down:

5 minute belt stretching