Tae Kwon Do finger performance!

Who’s going to try to produce a bok fu do finger performance?

We are in full swing with the holiday season. As the holiday parties, events, and food happen, here are some ideas to stay on track. 10 ways to eat mindfully during the holidays


Warm Up:

1 minutes single jump rope jump

1 minute double unders

1 minute partner push ups

Tabata Horse Stance Squats and Wheel Kick Balance

(20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest – alternate the 8 rounds between HS Squats and Wheel Kick Balance)


Against a 12 minute running clock:

100 Mountain Climbers

100 Broken Bow Jumps

100 Sit Ups With Cross Punches

Max rep Push Ups with Hand Release


Your score is your number of push ups

Warm Down:

5 minutes belt stretching