Day 4 of 12 Days of Bok Fu Spirit!

We're already done with our 4th day of Bok Fu Spirit! Keep up those acts of kindness and let us know what your acts have been through a comment on this blog or on our facebook page!

Here is Ms. Baker's act of kindness (and a fantastic picture to go along with it)!

The other night I was driving through berkeley when I noticed this Mercedes in front of me had a tree branch stuck to their exhaust pipe. The branch was smoking and had embers on one end from the friction of it dragging along the pavement. I changed lanes and pulled up to them at the next stop light to warn them about the branch. As I started speaking to them though, the woman gave me a very bewildered and almost disapproving look, she looked back at the man she was riding with, and then stared back at me and just said “wait, what?” I repeated myself and when she understood both her and the man thanked me several times. As they pulled over to take care of the smoking branch I thought about why she had such a negative reaction towards me when I first pulled up. I then happened to glance in the mirror and immediately had to laugh at what I saw. My glasses snapped in half the other day but I need them to drive so I had on my glasses held together by about an inch of Saran Wrap(tape wasn't cutting it) and they were sitting crooked, dangling half off my face. I'm sure the lady's look of confusion was caused by the state of my glasses but in the end she was grateful for the heads up about her car. I was happy to help out in a small way and the whole situation gave me something to laugh about the rest of my drive home.