Congratulations New Black Belts, Ms. Baker, Ms. Berch and Ms. Dong!

Yesterday was a very special day for us in the Bok Fu Do System. Three incredible ladies were presented their black belts!

We started off the day with a presentation at KO Kung Fu in San Jose for Ms. Ashley Dong. After 17 years, she earned her black belt from her teacher, Master John Ozuna. You could really feel the love and admiration from everyone in the room, including all of the students from KO that came to witness this rare event!

Later that afternoon, we headed to our East West Alamo school for the black belt presentations for Ms. Kaylee Baker and Ms. Whitney Berch. Our school was packed at full capacity with family, friends and students that came to share in the girl’s joy and celebrate with them. We had our largest group of black belts ever at this presentation and it was great to see some faces that we don’t get to see everyday. The heartfelt ceremony and comments afterwards were filled with laughter, tears of joy and love for two ladies that have grown up in our schools. They each had unique journeys and faced their own obstacles, yet both reached this incredible milestone together.

We are all so happy and proud to have these 3 ladies join our black belt family. They are incredible representations of what it means to be a Richard Lee Bok Fu Do Black Belt!