6 New Red Belts!

It has been a very eventful time at East West lately. Between our seminars with Grandmaster Huang, our holiday party for Shelter Inc., and our black belt presentations, there has been lots of excitement packed into a couple short weeks! We've also had 6 people that have been in the testing process for their Instructor rank. All 6 have passed and became red belts over the last week!

Congratulations to Ms. Paleas, our first Red Belt from our Lafayette school. Also, to Mr. Ho, Ms. Iyer and Mr. Baker from our San Ramon school, as well as Mr. Mates and Mr. Silva from our Alamo school. We are thrilled to welcome you all onto our staff of world class instructors and are looking forward to your continued development in our system. The red belt is a huge honor and testing for that rank is a very extensive process. These 6 individuals are now representing our system of Bok Fu Do. They are all wonderful examples of what we are looking for in our instructors!

Here are some pictures from the presentations over the last week!