Why Not?

February 16, 2019

“The black belt master has come to realize that we lift ourselves by our thoughts. We climb upon our vision of ourselves. If you want to enlarge your life, you must first enlarge your thought of it and of yourself. The only way that i can tell you how to do this is to hold, in your mind, the ideal of yourself as you really long to be, always, wherever you go – your ideal of what you long to attain, the ideal of health, efficiency, success. A master black belt. It can only happen with the right teaching, people, and when i’m gone that means those of you that are reading this now.

The size of your accomplishments, the quality of your achievement, will depend very largely on how big a man or woman you see in yourself; what sort of image you get of your possible self, yourself at your best, right? the master knows that we cannot rise higher than our thought of ourselves. The cities and mansions that people dream of are those in which they one day will finally live… The empires of the future are only empires of the mind today. True excellence to me implies striving for the highest standards in every part of your life.

The master knows that the only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. Remember my favorite saying? you see things and say “why?”, but i dream things that never were and i say, “why not?” a person’s dreams are but an index to their greatness. In the long run, my friend, a person can simply hit only what they aim at.”

Are you starting to pack for the nationals yet? Maybe not, but one thing you will want to include in your suitcase is food and snacks to get you through “game day”. If you haven’t done much competing before, you may be wondering about what foods you should eat the day of the tournament to keep your energy up but not make you feel slow and heavy. Here is a good article with some advice on meal plans.Victory Meals: what the pros eat on game day


Warm Up:

100 Jump Rope jumps

20 rear kick planks

20 side kick planks (each side)

20 medicine ball twists (sit with your feet out, legs off the ground, and twist from side to side with medicine ball)


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes

4 Broken Bow Jumps

8 Bok Fu Burpees

12 Box Jumps/ Step Ups

200M Sprint

Warm Down:

1 minute bridge (time doesn’t have to be consecutive, but try to bridge for 1 minute total)

1 minute horse stance stretch

1 minute hamstring stretch on bar (each leg)