What You Do

Here is a piece from bok fu philosohpy’s writing, “in bok fu do we trust”. Just some things to think about…

“Let’s start by taking a little trip back in time. I want you to think back to when you first started studying in the school. Go all the way back to that time and ask yourself what your reasons were for getting started. Why did you come to the school in the first place? what were you seeking for yourself and/or your family? don’t read on until you recall the answers to these questions. As an example, for me, it was simple. I wanted to know how to defend myself – just in case i ever needed to.

Ok, if you’re reading on, then you’ve successfully recalled your own reasons for getting started. Now, i want you to ask yourself this next question: have you accomplished your initial goals? probably yes – i know i accomplished my goal within my first year of training. Most of you have been training for many years so let’s presume that you’ve done the same. So, on to the next question: have you established new goals since that time – goals that you never could have imagined setting, let alone accomplishing, when you first started? yes again. You wouldn’t be sitting here reading this if you hadn’t. Next question: has studying this subject changed your life and/or the life of any family members in a positive way? knowing you all the way i do i think you’ll answer yes to that one, too. ok, you’ve come this far, let’s go farther. Remember again why you started and ask yourself this: has studying bok fu do far exceeded your expectations of what you initially sought out in a martial arts school? if your answer is yes, which i’m sure it is, ask yourself these questions: how far have i come since i first walked into the school? could i have ever imagined accomplishing some of the things i’ve accomplished before studying bok fu do? Where would i and/or my family be today without studying bok fu do? Take a moment to answer those questions to yourself. Take your time. be as thorough and thoughtful as you can be.

When you are done, ask yourself some questions for the present such as: am i a better person today than i was when i first walked into the school? need help – try these specifics: am i more confident in myself? Do i have a stronger belief system? am i more comfortable in my own skin? do i have a better attitude? am i more alert/aware? do i have more energy? Do I have greater self-discipline? do i have improved mental focus? Am i more emotionally disciplined? Am i more patient with others? Am i kinder to people? Do i get better results in my everyday life personally and professionally? Am i a better parent/spouse/sibling/friend? am i a better worker/boss/student/teacher/mentor? Has my capacity to learn increased? am i in better shape physically? do i move with more speed and agility? do i have greater endurance? am i stronger, fitter and healthier? has my balance and timing improved? am i more efficient with my time? do i set better goals for myself? do i have more courage and resolve? am i more tenacious and determined? do i exercise better judgment? do i possess a deeper understanding of myself? am i able to do things i never thought possible for myself? am i living a happier more productive life?

think about it.”

21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity – thanks ms. brown for this!


Warm Up:

2 times

10 Pass through with staff

10 Scorpions

10 inchworms

10 Push Ups with hand release

10 Horse Stance Squats


For time


Bok Fu Burpee Box Jumps

V Ups

Broken Bow Jumps

Notes: 21 of each, then 15 of each, then finish with 9 of each.

Warm Down:

5 minutes partner stretching