What have you accomplished?

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but i can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” ~Jimmy dean

It’s hard to believe but we are already half way through 2011! that means that now is the perfect opportunity to take time out of our busy schedules and ask ourselves some important questions. If you don’t have your goals memorized, take out your sheet that you wrote down at the beginning of the year and revisit them. Now, take 5 minutes and think about the following questions:

  • How is my progress towards my 2011 goals?
  • What can i do to accelerate/maintain/get my goals on track right now?
  • Are my goals still important to me or do i need to alter/refocus/redirect any of them?
  • What are the most significant things i have learned so far this year?
  • Here’s a sneak peek at Friday's summer camp week 1 demonstration. Come join us at the alamo school at 1:30 and watch the week 1 summer camp crew put on a spectacular demonstration. Word on the street is that it’s the best summer camp demo ever put together… don’t miss it!