What a weekend!!!

February 11, 2019

What a fantastic weekend! there was so much excitement at east west over the past few days, it’s going to be hard to get it all in this post! But here’s a brief photo recap of the weekend. Check our photo gallery on our website over the next few days for all of the pictures.

Our weekend began with an exciting form seminar of Friday night with grand-master Huang. I am sure we will see some of our students preforming Xiao Hu Yuen at grand-master Huang’s tournament this summer!

Saturday morning started with over 30 of our staff and students learning to defend themselves at the short staff self defense seminar.

The day continued with our annual holiday party for the families of shelter inc. We hosted over 60 kids from the shelter and their families at east west for a day filled with a fantastic demonstration with our kids special squad, a fantastic turkey lunch provided by our wonderful students at east west and presents delivered by Santa. This tradition that has been going on for over 40 years is one of the greatest events we put on at east west. A huge thank you to Mrs. Silverman who has organized this event for many years, along with her right hand helper this year, Mrs. Hockett!

Sunday was another day of excitement beginning with the butterfly fan seminar for Bok Fu Do Black Belts. then the brown belts joined in for a Hsing Yi Quan seminar.

The weekend finished off with a holiday party for our incredible east west staff and their spouses. It was an opportunity to say “thank you” for our staff’s amazing contributions over the past year. East west would not be the fantastic place it is without each one of our instructors! We had a wonderful celebration at Faz in Danville and although it is great to see everyone at the school each day, it was a treat to be able to spend time together outside of east west!

Thank you to everyone that participated in any way over this past weekend! Don’t forget….12 days of Bok Fu spirit starts tomorrow (Tuesday)!!!!!!