Welcome BABY GRAY!

Congratulations to new parents Sean Gray and Meghan Mannion Gray on their healthy, 8lb 1oz baby boy! Fionn Warren Mannion Gray was born August 15th at 5:17 am. Everyone is doing great! welcome to the Bok Fu family baby Gray. We can’t wait to meet you!

In honor of the new baby Gray’s birthday today's Bok Fu Fitness workout will be based on 8/15/12 and called Fionn.


Warm Up:
2 times
10 Roll Back
10 Silverman squats
Inchworms Up and Down Mat
Broad Jumps Up and Down Mat
Straight Leg Kicks Up and Down Mat

For time
8 Bok Fu Burpees
15 Push Ups with Hand Release
12 V Ups
8 Bok Fu Burpees
15 Horse Stance Squat Jumps
12 Broken Bow Jumps
8 Bok Fu Burpees
15 Chicken Lunges
12 Tuck Jumps

Warm Down:
Partner stretching