The Grand Finale!

I am so proud of each and every one of you that took part in our first ever Bok Fu fitness challenge! What a fantastic 10 weeks this has been. I have seen incredible improvement in your fitness levels, and as always, our group’s fantastic Bok Fu spirit really showed over the course of the challenge. I hope that you have all enjoyed this time as much as i have. It has been a blast putting these workouts together for you, doing them myself, and most importantly, spending this time with all of you. You guys are what makes east west such a fantastic place for all of us!

Although this challenge is over, I hope that you will all take what you have accomplished in these 10 weeks and build on it. keep up with your DIY’S, think about the food that you are putting in your mouth, and most importantly, bring that fantastic Bok Fu spirit to everything you do! Enjoy these pictures from this morning. a video from today will be coming this week! And remember….the big winner will be announced on Wednesday!