Supportive Leadership!

This entire week on the blog, we are going to focus on bok fu philosophy! we all have so many things going on in our daily lives, but taking just a few minutes to remind ourselves of the thoughts and principles that are important to us, can make a huge difference in our mental and emotional health. Let’s make this week a week filled with positive, healthy growth not only in our bok fu do training, but more importantly in all aspects of our lives.

Supportive Leadership

“The great bok-fu-do leaders of tomorrow are the tiny acorns of today. as richard lee black belt master teachers we must always work to cultivate a support system that will give our future students the best chance of becoming an oak in their own right. Grandmaster lee has built his system of bok-fu-do into an organization dedicated to supporting each of our many students, staff, colleagues, and peers with a helpful spirit. Great organizations abound with networks and systems based on supporting one another. One might swat at a bee for invading their space, as an example, considering it worth the risk of being stung once. But it is highly unlikely they would attack a hive at the risk of being stung thousands.

Genuine Richard Lee Black belt master leadership must always remain supportive. It does not demand or intimidate, it cultivates and involves people. A Richard Lee Black belt master teacher will inevitably accomplish far greater success in any project through involvement of his team.

Richard Lee Black belt master leadership is simply an art. It must be applied with care and learned with patience. It is a fact that the true nature of an individual will be revealed once he or she is put in a position of leadership. But bad leadership is usually due more to clumsiness than to ill will. They are like the untrained singer who bellows loudly to conceal his inability to produce pure tones, like the comedian who bludgeons his audience with profanities because he has not learned how to win them with subtlety, like the mechanic who, unable to find the malfunction in an engine, kicks it, hoping to start something. Any tailor knows you cannot try to jam a thread through the eye of a needle. the strands must be brought to a point, and then carefully inserted into the eye, allowing not a single one of them to escape. the same is true of any art, including the art of leadership. One cannot intimidate; one must attune himself sensitively to the requirements of the medium he is using. To paint fine lines an artist must use a thin brush, not a thick one.”

href="">ever Leave the Playground. i love his outlook on life! i believe that bok fu do does the same thing for us as we age that he describes in this video. It keeps up healthy and excited not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well!

Talk about incredible athleticism!