Perhaps a New Realization…

Tournament practices are off to a great start! only 2 left before the big day, may 4th!


Perhaps a new realization

“I think through the training in our system, a student becomes fully aware of the important dimension that martial arts can play in one’s life. Staying in shape through constant training on mind and body is the basic discipline, in my mind, for walking the true bok-fu-do spiritual path. But it is constant training and not ego accomplishment that will develop the true spirit. I think in the western world today, there is a deep yearning in life for some vital principle or perhaps some energizing force that will awaken all of our senses and change the hollowness of the human spirit into something more. Maybe to discover a new spirit of caring for one another as one world people rather than individual peoples. Perhaps a new realization of what it means to be human and to develop a new spirituality. Maybe the world could come to know this as the way through “bok-fu-do master thinking” to health and harmony in life.

I think of this art as perhaps a timely gift, the rewards of which can be only truly realized through practice, not just on the mat but in all aspects of our life. There are many times in my life that i have been able to facilitate major changes. For these i give full credit to the disciple i’ve discovered in developing this system and its ways of thinking and looking at things as i now do in all aspects of my life. My chi was, at different times in my life, hidden under doubts, insecurities, and very superficial thinking. but i can tell you that i have grown traveling this path to the unification of my mind, body, and spirit as a human being. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that this path can and will change you. bok-fu-do is a highly developed form of martial arts. It’s path to unifying the mind, body, and spirit is through a series of movements, techniques and forms, mixed with a profound goal to create a caring person of high character.

Happy training and onward and upward with bok-fu-do.”