Master Buckley's 25th Anniversary Celebration!

What incredible day!!! We spent the afternoon celebrating master Buckley's 25 years of dedication to the bok fu do system while raising funds for the victims of Japan. From the spectacular black belt, instructor, and Jr. Brown belt demonstrations to the speeches by his classmates and students, the day was a huge success. Thank you to everyone that made it possible and to each person that took time to be a part of the festivities. It was so meaningful to have each and every one of you there! master Buckley's first 25 years were unparalleled, and we know that the next 25 are going to be even more amazing! thank you master Buckley for your unwavering dedication to grandmaster lee, the bok fu do system, and each one the students in our organization. Bok fu do would not be what it is without you!

Enjoy a few of the pictures from the afternoon at Mcgrail vineyards. More will follow on our website soon!