It's like Christmas…

It feels like Christmas morning every other Tuesday when my farm fresh to you box arrives at my door! While I would love to grow my own organic fruits and vegetables, my yard and my schedule won’t allow for it. But this is the next best thing for me! this organic, local farm delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to my doorstep whenever i want! originally I was only getting shipments once a month, but I love it so much I upped my order. It’s been fun figuring out new recipes with all of the surprises that arrive in the box.


Warm Up:
2 times:
1 Minute jogging in place
Straight Leg Kicks up and down mat
Inchworms up and down mat
Broad Jumps up and down mat
Hardbow/Broken Bow Lunges up and down mat
10 Scorpions

Horse Stance Squat Jump
Back Up to V Up
Push Ups with hand release
Sit Ups with Cross Punches
Tuck Jumps
Rear Kick Planks (each leg)

Warm Down:
5 minutes of partner stretching