I win, you win!

I found this to be a very thought provoking article about the concept of winning. There are many things that i love about Bok Fu Do, but after reading this article I realized that the concept of I win/You win is one of the principles of our system that, while we may not talk about it all the time, is at the core of what we do each day. Grand-master lee says, “my goal is to be the best teacher in the history of martial arts.” He always follows up that statement by explaining that the only way for him to be considered the greatest teacher is for us to be the greatest students. If you think about it, Bok Fu Do is all about helping each other win, both on the mat and in life. Although martial arts would be considered an “individual sport”, doesn’t Bok Fu Do feel like a team to you? Feel free to post your thoughts on this concept to comments. I’d love to hear your feedback from the article!



Warm Up:
Inchworms up and down mat
Drop Stance/ Hardbow/ Crane Stance up and down mat
20 Seconds on 10 Seconds off (8times) – bottom horse stance squats
(A bottom horse stance squat is a reverse horse stance squat. Rather than starting at the top with your legs straight and bending down, your horse stance squat will start from the horse stance position. You will stand up and then get back down into your horse stance for 1 rep. Your 10 second rest will be done in your horse stance position.)

5 Rounds – 3 minutes each with a 1 minute rest between rounds
200M Run
15 Horse Stance Squat Jumps
As many Box Jumps as possible

Notes: The clock will start and you will run 200M, then do 15 horse stance squat jumps and as many box jumps as possible for the rest of the 3 minutes. Rest for 1 minute and repeat 5 times. Your score will be your total number of box jumps over the 5 rounds.

Warm Down:
5 minutes ball torture for hips/quads
5 minutes foam roller for hips/quads