Incredible World Tournament!

The team is all home safe and sound from Malaysia and the many exciting trips after the tournament!

First I would like to congratulate each and every person that made the trip to Malaysia for the 4th week world kung fu championships. based on the incredible effort of our 46 competitors from east west, we took home the grand championship trophy,making east west the best school in the world! this is an amazing accomplishment and it could not have been achieved without every single person that contributed to the effort. From our 8 us national lei tai team members, to our bok fu do forms competitors, every parent and spouse that was there to support them, and also everyone at home that supported the team in their own way. Grandmaster Lee, Master Buckley and Ms. Newman would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

The results from this year’s world tournament were nothing short of incredible for the usa team. this was the 3rd world tournament in a row that the united states team brought home the gold medal for our country. With Master Buckely as the first ever head usa team coach and Ms. Newman as the first ever woman as the women’s team coach, usa came home with 6 world champions in lei tai, and 6 silver medalist in lei tai. Ms. Dominguez won her 4th world championship title, which was an incredible feet never done before. Ms. Baker defended her title and won her 2nd world championship. and Mr. Collin Lee, Mr. Ryan Hodge, Ms. Anna Liu and Ms. Whitney Berch all won their first world championship title. Mr. Stamm did an incredible job and won a 2nd place medal as well. the entire usa lei tai team, including our group from east west, fought extremely well and more importantly represented their country, system, and teachers with dignity and humility. they made us all very proud!

our forms competitors were outstanding as well. this was the very first time that there was a kenpo division at the world tournament. It was an extremely proud moment for us all and grandmaster Lee commented that watching our students on the lei tai performing in the kenpo division was, “one of the greatest moments in his martial arts career.” The total medal count for east west will be posted within the next two days, but i can already tell you that it is the highest medal count we have had at any world tournament!

I know many of you are dying for pictures and videos from the tournament. As they come in throughout the week, we’ll post them on our website and this blog. For now, here are a few favorites! please let us know if you have any others. Also, make sure to check back on the blog all week for guest posts from our usa national lei tai team members as they recap their favorite experiences from the tournament!