Imagination is Everything!

Sending our chi and positive thoughts to all those that have been affected by the horrible tornadoes in Joplin Missouri, as well as other central and southern states. It is easy to get wrapped up in the small problems of life, but remind yourself to be thankful today and everyday for what you do have.

I have never been a huge fan of parkour, although the athletic ability is impressive. However, this video helps me to appreciate and relate to the motivation behind it. Are there pieces of this video that you are relate to your bok fu do training?


Warm Up:

2 times:

50 Mountain Climbers

Broad Jumps Up Mat

10 Tuck Jumps

Straight Leg Kicks Down Mat

10 Horse Stance Squats

Inchworms Up Mat

10 V Ups

Drop Stance/ Hardbow/ Crane Down Mat

10 Jumping Jacks

1 minute circle medicine ball passing

1 minute push up plank



Hardbow/Broken Bow Lunges

Sit Ups with Cross Punches

Push Ups with Hand Release

Warm Down:

5 minutes partner stretching