"If we are sure of ourselves, no one can hurt us."

Yesterday was teacher appreciation day, so I thought it was appropriate to put up a picture of my teachers (our teachers), grandmaster lee and master Buckley. If you didn’t have a chance to show your appreciation for your teacher yesterday, do it today. A simple thank you is all it takes!

Grandmaster lee and master Buckley

There is so much information out there, if you are looking for it. When it comes to my health, I am always interested in better information. So here are a few articles for you today. Enjoy the read!

Thanks Ms. Ellett for this fantastic article! elderly women in Nairobi are turning to self defense classes as a means to protect themselves after recent attacks. Angry grannies, fists of fury

What’s the biggest obstacle to perfect health? we all strive for it, but is it possible? this is an interesting article about the most common obstacle that we face in achieving our perfect health. It made me think about my weakest link. What’s yours?

Eggs are a staple in my diet. They are my breakfast just about every morning. For a long time now, I’ve been purchasing free range, organic eggs. However, after reading this article and others like it, I’ve decided to start seeking out pastured eggs instead. I have seen them at whole foods and have wondered what the difference was. Now i know! Pastured vs. Free range Eggspastured vs. Free range eggs


Warm Up:

Straight Leg Kicks up mat

10 Horse stance squats

Inchworms down mat

10 Rear kick planks

Drop Stance/ Hardbow/ Crane up mat

10 Push Ups

Broad Jumps down mat

10 Tuck Jumps

20 seconds on, 10 seconds off (4 times)

Horse Stance Squat Jumps

Speed Punches

Sit Ups with Cross Punches

Bok Fu Burpees


AMRAP 15 Minutes

60 Jump Rope Jumps

50 Full Twisting Punches

40 Mountain Climbers

30 Chicken Lunges

20 V Ups

10 Push Ups

Warm Down:

5 minutes partner stretching