Go Organic!

Here’s some information that Ms. Campbell wrote about eating organic. After the article you’ll see a link to a site that give tips to eating organic on a budget, as well as a New York Times article on a Danville doctor that went all organic for 3 years. Enjoy!

Benefits of Organic Foods

Campbell Parco

By eating organically grown foods you:

Reduce your exposure to unhealthy toxins used in conventional agricultural practices, including carcinogenic pesticides, heavy metals such as lead and mercury which can contribute to neurodegenerative diseases and solvents such as benzene and toluene which damage the immune systems white cells. When they are digested in combination as they are in processed food, their effects in the human body accumulate over time and are magnified.

Increase your consumption of health-promoting micronurtrients. a number of studies have shown the organically grown produce contains significantly higher amounts of many vitamins and minerals. organically grown foods also contain higher amounts of plant-protective compounds, such as flavonoids and carotenoids, which have highly desirable health promoting properties.

Safeguard your children’s health by decreasing their exposure to chemical pesticides and toxins. reports from the natural resources defense council and the environmental working group found that millions of American children are exposed to levels of pesticides through their food that surpass limits considered safe. Some of these pesticides are know neurotoxins that have the potential to harm the brain and nervous systems.