DIY #9 – Life=Risk!

Warm Up: 5 minute warm up – I probably don’t have to write this in anymore, but just in case!

1 minute: Lay down, arms out, legs up straight in the air. Lower legs from left to right without touching the ground. This is from BFF workout #1.

1 minute: Roll back touch legs over your head, roll up and press to the center, roll back then up and press to the right, roll back then up and press to the left. This is from BFF workout #1.

2 minutes: 30 Seconds standard plank, 30 seconds plank right leg up, 30 seconds plank left leg up, 30 seconds standard plank

1 minute: push ups with clapping your bff’s hand (if you’re working out without a bff, pretend they are there)

Workout: 5 Rounds for time

15 horse stance squats

15 tuck jumps

15 Mountain Climbers

15 Back Up then flip over to V up (do a back up then flip onto your back and do a V up)

Notes: You are better off emphasizing form over speed. Make sure to do all of your exercises correctly rather than rushing through them to finish with a faster time.

Ok, so here’s your daily dose of motivation. I saw this video a few months ago but was just reminded of it today. Love it! (I’m posting this video a new way today in the hopes you can all view it. I know some of you haven’t been able to see videos.