The Bok Fu Do Warrior Code

Here is an excerpt from grand-master lee’s writing, “don’t commit Richard Lee adultery!”

The Bok Fu Do Warrior Code: Though My Body Says Stop, My Spirit Says Never!

“Assets of true value that one accumulates over a lifetime are really not possessions or things. They are sound ideas and having around you people of strong character that really care about you. To be the best in anything, you must get the best advice. Being smart is simply doing things in an intelligent way. To get your black belt you must simply move and act like a black belt. If you’re going to be a success, you must simply act successful. Success patterns are simply patterns that work. That’s why successful people use them. But many times I see students looking so far ahead at the ultimate goal that they don’t take the immediate steps that must be taken to achieve their ultimate goal.

First of all, in any endeavor, always clearly define your goals. Do you want to be a Black Belt Master? A straight “A” student in school? A billionaire? A world champion? Then in my opinion, you must have a full understanding of the word “tenacity”. Tenacity is much more than mere determination. Tenacity is striving for your goal with absolute certainty that what you’re striving for and trying to achieve will absolutely happen. Don’t doubt it, do it. If you’ve achieved your black belt with me in Bok-Fu-Do you have tenacity and you know full well the meaning of these words.

Do you want to be a Black Belt Master? Really successful Black Belt Masters will always have tenacity. Tenacity is saying to yourself, if you’ve got to take the last dying breaths out of me, it will happen. You’ve got to have tenacity to be a Black Belt Master in this system. You know what else you’ve got to have? You’ve got to be willing to get out of the comfort zone. You can never become a Black Belt Master staying in your comfort zone and some of you, I think, have got to get a lot more uncomfortable than you have been. The question I ask you is, “Will you pay the price?” But the intelligent black belt will focus on the prize, not the price. You’ve got to want it so badly that you’ll do whatever it takes in sweat, and yes tears, to achieve your stated goals.

To me, if you’re not using all the methods and procedures I’ve laid out over your years of study with me, you’re committing what I refer to as “RICHARD LEE ADULTERY”. Totally submit yourself to these ideas, and you will see that it will work in all aspects of your life. Do it now, right now!”

There was some incredible chi in the class this morning. You are all making huge progress. Keep it up!

Looking forward to seeing you all Sunday morning at 9:00 am for another fun filled BFF workout!