Fire Staff Spinning

Here are two great pictures from the alamo school today!

Ms. Pon shared this video of her progress from a class she’s taking on fire staff spinning. Maybe we should add this into the bok fu do curriculum! way to go Ms. Pon. Keep up the good work and we’ll look forward to a demonstration in person soon!


Warm Up:

2 Times:

50 Jump Rope Jumps

20 Double Unders

Straight Leg Kicks Up and Down Mat

Drop Stance/ Hardbow/ Crane Up and Down Mat

Broad Jumps Up and Down Mat

Inchworms Up and Down Mat

Work Out:

3 Rounds:

30 Seconds Broken Bow Jumps

30 Seconds Horse Stance Squat with Push Up

30 Seconds V Ups

30 Seconds Push Ups with hand release (advanced hand stand push ups)

30 Seconds Hardbow/Broken Bow Lunges

30 Second Rest

Notes: Your score is your total number of reps from the entire workout.

Warm Down:

5 minutes belt torture for hamstrings and groin