Congratulations 2012 Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations To Our 2012 Scholarship Recipients:

Rowan Banton and Dustin Richardson – grand-master Lee scholarships

Lenny Kurtz – master Buckley scholarship

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Warm Up:
2 Times:
10 Inchworms
10 Horse Stance Squats
10 Straight Leg Kicks (each leg)
10 Rear Kick Planks (each leg)
10 Side Kick Planks (each leg)
1 minute of partner push ups

AMRAP 15 minutes
10 Broken Bow Jumps (advanced holding medicine ball with arms extended straight)
10 Horse Stance Squat Jumps (advanced holding medicine ball with arms overhead)
10 Push ups with hand release
10 V Ups

Warm Down:
All techniques in your belt in slow motion
5 minutes of belt stretching for hamstrings