What Teachers Make

Congratulations to Mr. Lin on earning his green belt. Mr. Lin has been studying with us at east west since 1997!


Warm Up:
2 times:
Straight Leg Kicks up and down mat
Advanced to Reverse Straight Leg Kicks up and down mat
Drop stance/ hardbow/crane up and down mat
High Knees up and down mat
15 push ups (slow and controlled)
15 scorpions
15 back ups
15 V ups (slow and controlled)
15 Horse stance squats

12 Rounds need to be completed within 12 minutes:
10 Horse Stance Squats (advanced with medicine ball throw)
10 V Ups

For every 10 seconds late you finish over 12 minutes, add a 10 push ups to the end of your workout. So if you finish in 12:30, you’ll do 30 push ups (or substitute with speed punches for beginning students).

Warm Down:
1 minute per leg hamstring stretch on bar
5 minutes belt stretching for hamstrings/ hips