2013 Scholarship Applications

Our 2013 grand-master Lee and master Buckley scholarship applications are out! This is our 3rd year giving these scholarships and we are so excited to read the essays from our new applications. As a reminder, grand-master Lee’s scholarship is for east west students that are 15 years and younger, while master Buckley’s scholarship is for students 16 and older. They must be turned in by February 4th to be considered for the scholarship. If you have any questions, please email Ms. Newman at mnewman@bokfudo.com.

My body is my weapon


Warm Up:
10 pass through with staff
10 inchworms
10 scorpions
20 Seconds on 10 seconds (4 times each) off the following exercises:
Run 20 seconds, sprint 10 seconds
Horse Stance Squat Jumps
Sit Ups with Cross Punches
Broken Bow Jumps

5- 10- 15- 20- 25 Horse Stance Squats with medicine ball throw
10- 10- 10- 10- 10 Clapping Push Ups
25- 20- 15- 10- 5 Bok Fu Burpees

Notes: 5 HS Squats, 10 clapping pushups, 25 BF Burpees then 10 HS Squats, 10 clapping pushups, 20 BF Burpees…

Warm Down:
5 minutes belt stretching