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It’s that time of year again. along with the wonderful holiday season comes those nasty colds and the flu. Here is a list of 7 natural cold and flu remedies.

26.2 miles at that pace?


Warm Up:

2 times:

Inchworms up mat

Bear Crawl down mat

Straight Leg Kicks up mat

Samson Stretch down mat

10 Broken Bow Jumps

10 Forward Snap Kicks (each leg)

10 Rear Kicks (each leg)

10 Wheel Kicks (each leg)

1 minute partner push ups

1 minute bridge


4 minutes max rep Horse Stance Squat with medicine ball throw

3 minutes max rep Sit Ups with cross punches

2 minutes max rep Push Up Planks

1 minute max rep Pad Facing Bok Fu Burpees

Warm Down:

5 minutes partner stretching