Who's up for a little contest…???


So I don’t normally post DIYs on Wednesdays, but this one was too good to pass up.

Here’s the challenge:

For the entire day Wednesday, every hour that you are awake, you must stretch for 2 consecutive minutes. While the minutes have to be consecutive, you can stretch at any time during that hour. You can stretch any part of your body as many during the day as you would like. But every single hour that you are awake, you MUST stretch for the 2 minutes.

Here’s how the points work. You get a point for every hour that you do the challenge and complete the 2 minutes. You get an additional point for every time that you can get someone to stretch with you for the 2 minutes. It has to be someone that is not part of the BFF Challenge. It can be a spouse, parent, friend, co-worker, etc. Anyone is fine as long as they are not participating in the challenge.

On Thursday morning get back on the blog and post a comment with how many points you got. The person with the most points wins a $25 gift certificate to the Pro Shop!

Good luck, have fun, and STRETCH!