The winner of BFF Challenge #2 is…

Silvermom is the winner of bff challenge #2!

Congratulations to Mrs. Silverman for winning our bff challenge #2. She was incredibly consistent on the workouts, turned in every food log, and most importantly made amazing progress on her numbers and form over the 8 weeks! enjoy your prize money and your stronger body after these 8 weeks!

And the prize for the bff pair that made the most improvement over the 8 weeks goes to… Mr. Parco and Mrs. Campbell. Although they did not have the point total to win the challenge, as bff’s they had the biggest improvement in their numbers over the challenge! you both win an east west sweatshirt to keep you warm after your workouts.

I am very proud of everyone that took part in bff #2! Your improvements in your numbers were very impressive. I hope you all enjoyed yourself and feel stronger, happier and healthier than you did when we began 8 weeks ago. Keep up the good work even though this challenge is finished and get ready for bff #3 in 2012!


We are closed at 4:00pm Wednesday and all day Thursday. Have a very happy thanksgiving!

Check back on the blog tomorrow for a little bit of thankfulness and a sneak peak into a fun challenge we’ll be doing from December 20th-December 31st to ring in the new year!