New East West Promo Video!

We’re so excited about this new video for east west! a special thank you to the guys at that 1 studio for their fantastic work! and thanks to everyone that has guest appearance in this video. we have the greatest students and we really feel like this video shows that!



Warm Up:

2 times:

50 mountain climbers

10 pass through with staff

5 inchworms

10 scorpions

5 drop stance/hardbow/crane

10 push ups

5 horse stance squat jumps

10 hardbow/broken bow lunges


20 seconds on, 10 second rest – 4 times each

Bok Fu Burpees

Back Up to V Ups

Broken Bow Jumps

Ninja Pistols (alternate legs)

Push Up Plank

Horse Stance Bottom Squats (your horse stance squat starts in the horse stance position and 1 rep is up and then back down. your 10 second rest will be in the horse stance position.)

Warm Down:

5 minutes ball torture for shoulders/ quads