Mr. Ryan Hodge – World Champion!

The following is our final lei tai team member’s guest post, new world champion, Mr. Ryan hodge!I i hope you’ve enjoyed their posts and have learned a little about their perspective on the incredible journey they have just completed.

“The world tournament was an amazing once in a lifetime experience!  We had such an fantastic team, and i am so happy to have trained with this group.  Our coaches pushed us past our limits and through some incredible and difficult training sessions, but i can also say that a part of them was with us on the lei tai.  When i reflect on this experience, it is really surprising to think the last eight to nine months flew by, but we grew so much as individuals and as a team.

In thinking of what was really memorable, I can easily say it was not the minutes spent on the lei tai.  I feel that most of the memories came from the lei tai classes, the blood, sweat, and tears, and the growth everyone on the team had.  Watching and experiencing this change was incredible.

Everyone from our school did a fantastic job!  It was truly a great honor to have represented our country, or school, grandmaster lee, master buckley, Ms. newman, our black belts, and staff.  I am so happy for every one – way to go east west!”