Angie Dominguez – 4 TIME World Champion!

February 06, 2019

This is a guest post from ms. dominguez who won an unprecedented 4th world championship!

“When i first started my training at east west kung fu, it was not my intention to go for any sort of championship — now, so many years later, i am so thankful for my teachers who had the belief in me and the patience (lots of patience!) to guide me in that direction. both training for and competing in a world tournament have not been easy things. They have both been some of the most challenging, terrifying experiences of my life. But they have also provided me with some of the greatest opportunities for personal growth and evolution in my life. Through the process, i found the courage to stick with it through difficult times which led me me to find strength and capability in myself that i may have never discovered otherwise. The gratitude that i feel now for my teachers for showing me the way to these gifts within me is immeasurable.

Being a part of the team this year was an incredible experience. grandmaster lee, master Buckley, and dove actually used rep. and Ms. Newman prepared us for this world tournament to the extent that each of us knew going in that we were going to be able to go out and give our absolute best in each one of our performances. As they told us, by staying true to the training and preparation process, we were formed into champions long before any of us stood on a podium or had a medal placed around our neck. win, loose, or draw we were already rewarded with the invaluable “prize” of becoming a better person — physically, mentally, and emotionally. I believe our performances were a testament to the high quality training and mental and emotional guidance that turned us each into the person we were when we stood up on the lei tai at the world tournament to represent our school, our teachers, and the united states of america. We may have had to face our opponents alone, but it was the support of our team mates, our students, our teachers, and the strong belief we had developed inside ourselves that fueled us to reach both our inner and outer victories.

The tournament was an amazing experience. It was impressive seeing the many countries and it’s competitors come together in a spirit of sportsmanship and mutual respect. Walking behind the usa flag and wearing the team jacket along with my classmates and fellow countrymen (and women, and children!) filled me with pride and i felt a extra sense of unity and purpose. we poured our hearts into our efforts and well as into cheering for each other in a way that really brought us brought us together in a way that is unique to an event as grand and significant as the world kung fu championships. We all put in so much into the effort and we all got so much out of the entire experience. The usa team winning the grand championship was definitely the icing on the cake, and the sense of honor, excitement, and friendship that we felt in our participation in this event has endured long past the closing ceremonies!”

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