May 25th, 2008

February 16, 2019

This day in Bok Fu history, May 25th, 2008, Ms. Dominguez earned her 1st degree black belt. Happy 3 year anniversary (about a week ago)!

Here is another installment of Bok Fu stretching this time focusing on your shoulders.


Warm Up:
800M Run (while there is still a little sun left this week)
5 minutes – L sit hold on paralette bars (if you don’t have a paralette bar you can do a V up hold) and every time your legs touch the ground (or you come out of your V position) do 10 double unders.

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
5 Double Unders
5 Bok Fu Burpee Box Jumps
As many Horse Stance Squat Jumps as possible

Notes: Your score will be your total number of HS Squat Jumps

Warm Down:
5 minutes belt stretching for hamstrings/ groin