Life = Risk

Here’s a little motivation for your monday morning. We’ve posted this video before, but it’s time to see it again! let’s make this a fantastic week!

Many of us have made new year’s resolutions to eat healthier. Here’s a clever huffington post article and flow chart to help you navigate your way through any grocery store.


Warm Up:

5 minute warm up routine

2 times:

10 horse stance squats

10 inchworms

10 scorpions

1 minute pushups with partner claps

30 second rear kick plank (each side)

30 second side kick plank (each side)


4 Rounds for time

50 Jump Rope Jumps (add 5 Bok Fu Burpees to the end of the workout for each time you stop)

25 Broken Bow Jumps (advanced holding medicine ball with arms extended straight)

25 Horse Stance Squat Jumps (advanced holding medicine ball with arms overhead)

25 Sit Ups with Cross Punches

Warm Down:

2 minutes belt stretching for hamstrings (each leg)

2 minutes belt stretching for hips/groin (each leg)