KO Winter Tournament

Congratulations to all east west students that participated in the ko kung fu winter tournament! And a big thank you to all black belts and staff that helped with judging and organization!

Diet Soda…to drink or not to drink?


Warm Up:

5 minute warm up routine

3 minutes run in place (every 20 seconds, sprint for 10 seconds)

2 times:

100 Jump rope jumps

10 inchworms

10 Horse Stance Squats

10 Scorpions

10 Broad Jumps


4 Rounds for time

25 Horse Stance Squat Jumps

20 Push Ups with hand release

15 Back Up to V Up

10 Broken Bow Jumps

5 Bok Fu Burpees

Warm Down:

10 techniques from belt slow motion

5 minutes belt stretching for hips and hamstrings