Kid Special Squad Recital 2013

Our kid’s special squad put on a fantastic recital on Friday for their family and friends. It was a great turnout of kid squad members as well as spectators that came out to see a great show! For some of our KSS kids, this was their first recital and they did an amazing job. Great job to the kids as well as the KSS instructors for putting together this great demonstration!


Warm Up:
20 seconds jog, 10 seconds sprint – 6 times
20 seconds horse stance squats, 10 seconds horse stance stretch – 6 times
20 seconds hollow rocks, 10 seconds rest – 6 times

AMRAP 15 minutes
5 Push Ups with Hand Release
10 Broken Bow Jumps
15 Horse Stance Squat Jumps
20 Chicken Lunges

Warm Down:
5 minutes partner stretching