Jr. Dragon sparring had a record 37 kids on monday night! they must be getting ready for our sparring tournament on 2/11…

“There are only two things that hold people back from living on their own terms: Fear and clinging to what they’ve been told.”


Chinese new year celebrations around the world!


Warm Up:

10 Straight Leg Kicks

10 Horse Stance Squats

10 Roll Backs

10 Inchworms

20 Seconds, 10 seconds intervals – 4 times

Jog, sprint

Sit ups with cross punches, Sit up hold

Single jump rope, Double unders


AMRAP 15 Minutes

5 Clapping Push ups (advanced – handstand push ups)

10 Back Up to V Up

15 Horse Stance Squat with medicine ball throw

Warm Down:

5 minutes ball torture for shoulders/hips