Instructor Awards 2012!

We had such a great time at our holiday party for our instructors and their spouses on sunday! It was fun to spend time with everyone outside of the school and celebrate what a fantastic year we had at east west! we also did our annual awards. Here is a list of all of the awards we handed out as well as a few pictures from the night…

Bok fu spirit award – Angie Dominguez

Black belt of the year 2012 – Ryan Hodge

Instructor of the year 2012 – Jane Ellett

10 year instructor – Mitch Mckay, Angie Dominguez, Joyce Maher & Robert Bogolub

Student Service Award 2012 – Pete Zipkin, Janice Fitzsimmons, Teresa Ogata

Most dedicated 2012 – Chris teng, Yvonne Poon

Super Sub 2012 – Joseph Winder, Laleh Shahidi

Most Iimproved – Whitney Berch

Additions to the president’s list – Eric Stamm, Whitney Berch, Kim Kyle, Javier Chapa, Laleh Shahidi

Additions to the order of the cobra – Whitney Berch, Eric Stamm

reminder – 12 days of bok fu spirit starts thursday!!!!



Warm Up:

10 pass through

10 samson stretch

10 scorpions

10 horse stance squats

10 push ups with hand release


Tabata Mountain Climbers

1 minute rest

Tabata Sit Ups with Cross Punches

1 minute rest

Tabata Horse Stance Squats

1 minute rest

Tabata Push Ups

1 minute rest

Tabata Bok Fu Burpees

Notes: Tabata is 20 seconds on and 10 second rest – 8 times

Warm Down:

5 minutes partner stretching